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All Of The Emotionary


|riˌsiprəˈθetik| (reciprocation + apathetic)

adj. feeling indifferent towards someone for whom you previously had romantic feelings once they reciprocate affection

Related Emotions



v. to actively seek out disappointment/failure


ALSO: Abxistitize |abˈzistəˌtīz|
v. to desire abxistence, or the urge to escape and either be alone or start from scratch


The worry compounded by subsequent guilt for previous anger.

Let’s create a Feelings Army. Let’s start an Emotolution.

Words Most Felt


|iˌmōvəˈlāshən| (emotion + revelation)

n. the excited clarity one feels from learning a new word that fits with an emotion they didn’t realize they felt



n. the dumbfounded, revelatory feeling that  forces upon you powerful introspection and a questioning of life and all that is real



v. to miss someone while you’re still with them; to mourn the loss of something that is presently happening or someone who is still alive and exists in your life

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